Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PentaKills Statistics!

Some PentaKill statistics in League of Legends. Hope you like them. These charts are constructed using nearly 400k recent ranked solo queue game records on the NA server, around high silver to low diamond.

Background images are copyrights of Riot Games.

You have roughly a 1 in 650 chance (0.156%) to perform a PentaKill yourself in a ranked game!

When a PentaKill occurs, it is most likely performed by the following champions:

If you want a PentaKill yourself, you should try to play the following champions:

What can be a better way to spend your day off than making charts for LoL?

Summoner Spells Statistics

Some statistics on Summoner Spells usage and keybinding in League of Legends. This is taking out of 250,000 players' Summoner Spells usage in ranked games. These players are around gold - platinum level.

The Great D vs F Debate

Summoner Spell Usage

Saturday, March 8, 2014

RP Calculator (beta)

EDIT: I have made a new and improved version of this calculator here, with updated values and features. I highly recommend you to follow the link there, as the version on this blogpost will no longer be maintained.

This calculator allows you to find out how to reduce your Riot Point (aka RP) to 0. RP is the virtual currency of the popular online game, League of Legends, from Riot Games.

It is quite rare to get one's RP to 0 unintentionally. Occasionally a player who gets 0 Riot Points will announce it on the forum, which attracts an employee from Riot Games to add a very small amount of RP to the player's account.

With this calculator, you can calculate how to get your own account's RP to 0 with the least costly method (in terms of real money spent). A greedy algorithm is used to solve this Knapsack-like problem.

Note that this calculator is still in beta and there will be bugs. Thanks for your understanding!

Current RP:

Choose your region:

Choose what you want to buy:
Skins on sale only
Skins on sale, IP boosts, mystery gifts
Champions 3150IP or above, skins, IP boosts, mystery gifts
Champions, skins, IP boosts, EXP boosts, mystery gifts