Saturday, May 2, 2015

This blog, goldper10, reddit bot, and the future

Dear reader,

Since earlier this year, I have also started writing for Here are the articles I've posted for goldper10 so far:

Nemesis Draft - Win Rates and Analysis

How Win Rate Lies To You

Analysis on Teleport and Smite Top Lane in Solo Queue

I have also made a reddit bot which garnered some attention. This bot reads in historical record of a player and suggests some other champions the player should play - using association rules mining. I've had some great fun making it and I definitely plan to make other kinds of bots in the future that also uses neat machine learning / data mining techniques on League of Legends data. Additionally, I want to thank everyone who provided me with great feedback (especially on the ARAM issue) and I am very happy that many people enjoyed using the bot.

I want to thank all my supporters so far (especially /u/x-o). It has been a bumpy road.

As far as the future is concerned, I will keep writing for as well as producing more contents right here - ideally on a weekly basis. I also want this blog to consolidate all of my contents such that everything is self-contained right here.

Thank you again,


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